AR Rahman Applauds Taylor Swift’s Latest Album, Fans Waiting for Collaboration!

On Wednesday, music genius AR Rahman and pop star Taylor Swift were among the most popular topics on X (formerly Twitter). AR Rahman also said nice things about Swift’s brand-new record, The Tortured Poets Department, which came out not long ago. Rahman wished the American pop star the best of luck. The tenth studio masterpiece she has made, “The Tortured Poets Department,” came out of the blue and has already broken streaming records!

Without question, people talk about Taylor Swift’s subtle references to ex-boyfriends and relationships “who broke her heart” in the days after each single or album came out. Her poems always get people talking. The singer-songwriter, who has won multiple Grammy Awards, released her eleventh studio album last Friday. It’s called The Tortured Poets Department and has thirty-one songs that are based on her personal life, relationships (of course!), and experiences. 

Swift and AR Rahman Stir Buzz with Mutual Admiration

Before AR Rahman, who is a superstar in his own right, gave it his full praise, the record was already shining. He congratulated Taylor on Twitter, which did two things: made people more interested in the record and stoked rumors that the two music moguls might work together. Picture those two singing together on stage! 

Rahman tweeted, “All the best to @taylorswift13 on your new album #THETORTUEDPOETSDEPARTMENT,” along with a loving message that was just as mysterious as the name of the album. There has been a worldwide buzz about “AR Rahman X Taylor Swift” ever since, with both internet users and fans going crazy.


Do you remember how Taylor said nice things about Rahman in 2014? In an interview with Hindustan Times, she talked about how moving his songs were and how great he was alive. At the moment, Rahman is showing his respect by saying that Taylor Swift’s charitable music is like Michael Jackson’s powerful charitable work.

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The Album That’s Making History

It’s time to talk about the huge figures. When “The Tortured Poets Department” came out, it got 313 million plays in its first day alone, making it the most streamed record on Spotify this year. The first day has just begun!

Why Taylor’s Album Is More Than Just Music

Swift’s record is more than just a collection of songs; it’s an exploration of her artistic creativity. It has 31 tracks that go deep into the depths of human relationships and emotional landscapes. When quality and number come together, they make a symphony of poetic genius. In an interview with Connect FM Canada, AR Rahman praised Taylor Swift and said she was better than Ariana Grande. The music director is now praising Swift. When asked if he would be interested in working with Taylor Swift, he said, “Whatever she wants!” It will be just what she wants, whether she wants a dance number or a romantic song. No matter what, she wrote the songs!

“If people use the power of music to do good things, that’s great,” he said, referring to how quickly and how popularly Taylor Swift has become. Michael Jackson might have done that. He did a lot of good deeds for people in Africa and played at a number of benefit concerts. That’s something that Taylor has done, which is good. She’s been through a lot. She was betrayed, but she got over it. Because she is a singer, she is a great role model and inspiration. He also talked about Taylor Swift’s song “Blank Space” and said that everyone should hear her music.

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