‘Wake Up Dead Man’—The Next Chapter in ‘Knives Out’ Series Promises New Twists

Daniel Craig is going to come back. Rian Johnson, the director, said in 2025 that Daniel Craig would play Benoit Blanc again in the third Knives Out movie, Wake Up Dead Man.

A long-awaited third Knives Out movie has finally been given a name by American director Rian Johnson. Today, Johnson made the big news on X (formerly known as Twitter). He posted a 45-second video announcing the project and when it would be out. The movie now goes by Wake Up Dead Man. The same teaser, which revealed the title, was released on Friday. The release year has also been announced. This has made mystery movie fans very excited. The movie was shown in a dramatic 45-second trailer on X (formerly known as Twitter) and promised to go further into the mysterious world of Daniel Craig’s character, Detective Benoit Blanc. Expecting another compelling mystery, fans are tensely waiting for the 2025 Netflix release.

Craig provided a voiceover in the teaser outlining the three movies and the main plot points. “The knives came out at first,” he is heard saying. And then the glass broke. But unveiling my most perilous case to date is about to happen.” The two movies it cited were the 2019 Knives Out and the 2022 Glass Onion sequels in the franchise.

Daniel Craig in Knives Out - Wake Up Dead Man | Credit Netflix.com
Daniel Craig in Knives Out – Wake Up Dead Man | Credit Netflix.com

Daniel Craig to Return as Benoit Blanc in ‘Wake Up Dead Man’

Daniel Craig, who won praise for his compelling performance as the astute detective Benoit Blanc, will play the same part in “Wake Up Dead Man.” A mysterious video with Craig narrating it hinted at the exciting story of the movie, which Rian Johnson announced on social media. After two hit films, the charismatic pair of Craig and Johnson is poised to enthrall viewers once more with their special fusion of mystery and tension.

In the run-up to the big announcement, Rian Johnson teased and excited many people with enigmatic posts on X. Posting a picture of a Pokémon egg with the message “Oh?” Johnson deftly alluded to the upcoming release of his new movie. Recognized for his inventive storytelling, the director emphasized his love of the whodunit genre, saying that the Benoit Blanc mysteries’ story is inspired by its versatility and breadth.

From ‘Knives’ to ‘Glass’ to ‘Wake Up Dead Man’: Tracing Rian Johnson’s Mystery Series Evolution

From its 2019 premiere, the “Knives Out” series has seen tremendous evolution, with each movie delving into a new aspect of human nature and mystery. From the unexplained death of a crime author in “Knives Out” to a lethal escape in “Glass Onion,” Johnson has always produced thrilling stories enhanced by star-studded ensembles. Following this pattern, “Wake Up Dead Man” aims to give fans a fresh journey with even greater stakes.

Netflix will distribute “Wake Up Dead Man.” The streaming behemoth is continuing its fruitful collaboration with Rian Johnson. Thanks to this partnership, Johnson has had the creative freedom to develop his vision for the Knives Out series, which has been crucial to its success. When the newest episode in this exciting series debuts, it will be available to a worldwide audience.

Filming of “Wake Up Dead Man” has everyone buzzing. Another big picture is expected from Daniel Craig’s endearing portrayal of Benoit Blanc and Rian Johnson’s talent at mystery writing. Everybody is counting down to 2025 when the most thrilling and risky case in the “Knives Out” series is supposed to be released.

‘Knives Out’ Modernizes Classic Whodunit

“Knives Out” is a contemporary whodunit whose deft planning and witty humor have revitalized the mystery genre. The 2019 Rian Johnson-directed picture premiere enthralled viewers immediately with its complex storyline and captivating ensemble cast, which included Daniel Craig as the endearing detective Benoit Blanc. The plot, which takes place in the opulent mansion of Christopher Plummer’s character Harlan Thrombey, a wealthy mystery novelist, develops after his unexplained passing. Thrombey’s dysfunctional family’s red herrings and self-serving lies are sorted through by Detective Blanc in this twisting take on traditional murder mysteries that combines dark comedy and tension to create an incredibly enjoyable cinematic experience.

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