Tom Brady’s Netflix special: Humour and a Reunion between Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick


There’s plenty of comedy in Tom Brady’s Netflix roast, and Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick reunite.

Tom Brady's Netflix special: Humour and a Reunion | Image Credit
Tom Brady’s Netflix special: Humour and a Reunion | Image Credit

Tom Brady, was the subject of a funny and playful event before he became the most popular NFL analyst on Fox Sports. At a special live comedy show on Netflix called “The Greatest Roast of All Time,” comics, former players, and even Brady’s long-time coach made fun of him and said funny things. Two and a half hours of the event at The Forum were filled with funny one-liners and jokes about the football star. Based on their friendly chat, Brady seems to be able to handle any criticism with ease and a sense of humour.

Before the roast, Brady acknowledged the challenge he would face and likened it to a football game where strategies needed to be adjusted fast. Adopting the mood of the occasion, he said, “It’s not like I’m used to people not making fun of me.” The roast was nicknamed “the comedians’ Super Bowl” by comedian Nikki Glaser, who set the tone early by having participants try to outdo one another with their hilarious abuse. Kevin Hart, the emcee for the evening, attacked every facet of Brady’s private life, including his divorce from Gisele Bündchen.

Belichick and Kraft Reunite on Stage

Amidst the barrage of one-liners and taunts directed at Brady, one of the more unexpected scenarios had former Patriots coach Bill Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft sharing the stage. January saw the departure of Belichick from the Patriots after 24 seasons. Though their relationship had been strained recently, Belichick and Kraft relished a rare public meeting. In lauding Belichick for their combined accomplishments, Kraft declared, “I want to say he is the greatest coach in the history of the game that did what no one else has done. Having him and Tom Brady was the greatest privilege the good Lord bestowed upon me.”

Friendship Jabs between Brady and Belichick

Earlier in the roast, in a pre-recorded portion, Belichick appeared and mocked taking credit for the Patriots’ success while he was working with Brady. Belichick joked, “For all of you out there who think about who’s responsible for the Patriot’s success during the time Tom and I were together — was it Tom or me — in reality, the truth of the matter was it was both of us because of me,” Brady, though, responded to his old mentor cleverly later in the programme. “I’m curious, as I’ve been away from the game for a minute, how many Super Bowl rings have you won since I left?” Brady poked around. Maybe more people are involved than just the guy on the sideline. I don’t say, “Hey, who gassed up your car?” to the winning driver at the Indianapolis 500.”

Rivals, former teammates, and comedians aggressively assaulted Brady all night long. Anything was fair game, even his inside jokes and his on-field achievements. 2019 saw Brady reprimand veteran comedian Jeff Ross for bringing up the massage parlour incident involving Patriots owner Robert Kraft. “Don’t say that again,” Brady told Ross, even though it was caught on tape. Surprisingly joining the roast, actor Ben Affleck added his comic flair to the proceedings. Ironically, Affleck made fun of social media trolls only a few days before, so his participation generated controversy on social media as some criticised his performance.

As Brady’s 2001 replacement, former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe, noted, the event was unique. Actually, Bledsoe said, “We kind of mock each other in the locker room every day as professional athletes. “People can now laugh along with it.”

A Laughter-and-Comradery Night

Though jokes were directed at Brady, there was a spirit of friendship and good humour throughout the occasion. Brady and Belichick even had a shot together thanks to former teammate Rob Gronkowski, who celebrated by spiking his shot glass in typical style. During one of the funniest monologues of the evening, comic Nikki Glaser referred to the roast as “the comedians’ Super Bowl” and described how the level of competitiveness increased as everyone tried to outdo each other. “It’s like a football game,” Brady said, acknowledging the roast’s resemblance to a locker room setting. You launch a strategy, see how it goes, and then make last-minute adjustments. This is how I’ve always imagined a locker room to be. Thus, I’m not used to people not making fun of me.”

Even with the ongoing criticism and insults, Brady’s incredible career and his sense of humour were honoured by the roast. Emphasising that the event was a “celebration of greatness,” Kevin Hart provided Brady with a lighthearted platform on which to embrace the lighter aspects of his legacy. The Netflix roast is helping Brady transition into broadcasting because it taught him how to handle jokes and criticism with grace as he prepares to take over as Fox Sports’ leading NFL analyst.

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