Jackie Shroff Moves to Trademark ‘Bhidu’: A Leap Toward Celebrity Rights Protection

On Tuesday, seasoned Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff filed a petition with the Delhi High Court to protect his identity rights and register his well-known slang term, “Bhidu.”


Jackie Shroff Moves to Trademark 'Bhidu'
Jackie Shroff Moves to Trademark ‘Bhidu’

New Delhi, May 15, 2024 – Bollywood star Jackie Shroff has approached the Delhi High Court in a big step that highlights the changing face of celebrity rights in an attempt to get his well-known slang “Bhidu” registered as a trademark. Part of a larger appeal to preserve his personal and publicity rights, this legal move reflects a rising trend among celebrities to defend their intellectual property against unapproved commercial use.

Closely associated with Jackie Shroff, the word “Bhidu” has practically become a trademark of the actor. From Marathi, where it means “brother” or “friend,” Shroff has embraced this colloquial phrase and it has become a mainstay of his language in several public encounters and media appearances.

In addition to highlighting his carefree and amiable manner, the word “Bhidu” pays homage to his Mumbai roots, therefore enhancing his approachability and cultural identity. With time, this charming phrase has helped him establish a special bond with his fans, turning Jackie Shroff from a movie star to a well-liked public person whose genuineness and warmth are greatly appreciated.

Safeguarding the Image: The Battle for Individuality Rights

Jackie Shroff filed a thorough plea on a busy Tuesday in the capital seeking control over the unapproved use of his name, nicknames, photos, voice, and signature style in addition to trademarking “Bhidu”. Concerns about the widespread abuse of celebrity names and pictures in the digital age, when technology frequently surpasses legal frameworks, drove this preemptive move.

Jackie joins Bollywood legends like Anil Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan, who have already obtained court orders to preserve their personas. Anil Kapoor secured a historic temporary injunction in September 2023 from the Delhi High Court that forbade other organisations from utilising his voice, image, and other unique qualities that define his character. The famous “jhakas” and other characters were also covered by Kapoor’s legal triumph.

Comparably, Amitabh Bachchan has led the way in this legal field by requesting limitations on the use of his voice for commercial purposes without his express permission. These acts show how celebrities are becoming more conscious of and aggressive in protecting their intellectual and personal rights in a market that frequently commodifies public personalities without limit.

Relevance to Fans and Impersonators

Jackie’s legal claim might mean a change in how a lot of fans and impersonators interact with and honour their favourite star. If the court rules in favour of Jackie, copying her unique style and lingo might run afoul of the law and create a precedent that limits the ways in which prominent personalities can be portrayed and valued in both public and commercial contexts.

Next course of action?

This case is going to turn on the May 15th court hearing. The result, which may have significant ramifications for personality rights in India, is much anticipated by both legal experts and celebrities. This case not only examines celebrity rights but also the way the court interprets personality rights in the era of digital replication and media excess.

More Horizons in Celebrity Rights

Jackie Shroff’s legal battle is about more than just a single slang phrase; it’s a reflection of the larger battles public personalities have to keep control over their own identities and images in an ever-invading media environment. The result of instances like these may very well redraw the lines between public domain and personal rights, as celebrities everywhere are starting to understand the need of legal protection for their persona.

Jackie Shroff and all other celebrities who want to safeguard the core of their public persona from commercial exploitation clearly have a lot on the line as we watch this court drama play out. The ruling of the Delhi High Court, which echoes the idea that personality is, in fact, priceless, may help to steer the legal acceptance of celebrity rights in India.

Currently working on a number of exciting projects that will excite spectators and highlight his exceptional acting abilities is renowned Bollywood veteran Jackie Shroff. There is obvious excitement in the moviegoing world as fans look forward to his next film endeavours. Shroff is well-known for his ability to inhabit a wide range of parts, and his next projects look to span a wide range of genres, from intense action to moving drama, thereby enhancing his standing as a multifaceted and endearing actor in Indian cinema. The excitement about these projects highlights Jackie Shroff’s ongoing popularity in the entertainment business, even if precise information regarding the titles and their release dates are still strictly kept.

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