Sunflower 2 star Adah Sharma reveals how OTT platforms inspire her to pursue creative projects

Embracing the dynamic world of OTT platforms, talented actress Adah Sharma sheds light on her creative journey in the digital space, alongside her recent role in Sunflower 2. As she probes into her experiences on various projects like The Kerala Story and Commando, Adah emphasizes the freedom and motivation OTT platforms provide for exploring unique and innovative roles. With a passion for diversity in characters, the actress expresses her eagerness for challenging and distinct roles that push her acting boundaries. Discover Adah Sharma’s insightful thoughts on the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry and her collaborative experiences with co-star Sunil Grover in the intriguing series Sunflower 2.

The Creative Freedom Offered by OTT Platforms

While discussing her work in the OTT medium, actress Adah Sharma highlights the creative freedom that these platforms offer. She explains that projects on OTT motivate her to take on unique and creative roles without worrying about commercial success, allowing her to explore different characters and storylines freely.

Adah Sharma's Still in Movies and from Vacation
Adah Sharma’s Still in Movies and from Vacation

Effort Consistency Across Various Mediums

For actress Adah Sharma, the effort put into her performances remains consistent across different mediums, whether it be a music video, theatrical film, or an OTT release. Regardless of the platform, she emphasizes that she approaches each role with the same dedication and commitment, focusing on delivering the best performance possible for the audience. This dedication to her craft is reflected in the diverse roles she has taken on, showcasing her versatility as an actor.

Experience: Adah Sharma’s commitment to her craft is evident in her varied roles across different mediums, from the action genre in ‘Bastar’ and ‘Commando’ to her comedic role in ‘Sunflower 2’. Embracing the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each project, Sharma continues to seek out distinct characters that push her boundaries as an actor, while maintaining a consistent level of effort and dedication in her performances.

Desire to Experiment with Different Characters

Now, Actress Adah Sharma expresses her desire to experiment with a diverse range of characters in her acting career. With a strong focus on avoiding repetition and seeking out new and challenging roles, she aims to continuously push her creative boundaries and deliver captivating performances in each project she undertakes.

The Distinction Between Roles in Bastar and Commando

Between her roles in Bastar and Commando, Adah Sharma highlights the significant differences in the type of action she portrayed in each film. While Commando featured larger-than-life heroics and intense hand-to-hand combat, Bastar showcased a more realistic, gritty approach to action sequences, depicting the harsh realities of warfare. Adah’s ability to seamlessly adapt to varying styles of action demonstrates her versatility as an actress and her commitment to delivering diverse and compelling performances.

Positive Experience with Co-star and Crew

With her recent work in Sunflower 2, actress Adah Sharma had a positive experience collaborating with her co-star Sunil Grover and the entire crew. Describing the atmosphere on set as amazing, she praised the seasoned actors and highlighted Grover’s comedic talent and improvisational skills, making the work environment enjoyable and productive. Sharma expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside such talented individuals.

The Unique Nature of Rosy’s Role in the Series

Experience in Sunflower 2, Adah Sharma played the role of Rosy, a character with a distinctive and compelling narrative arc. She found the character’s development and portrayal to be unlike any other role she had encountered before, emphasizing the depth and complexity of Rosy’s story. Sharma’s portrayal of Rosy added a layer of intrigue and excitement to the series, leaving a lasting impact on the viewers.

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